Autotec Tyres

Burning Rubber?

Don't worry too much we can get you back on the road quickly if your tyres need replacing. We will offer you different options to suit any budget and can discuss the EU tyre labeling for your requirements. According to the MOT guidelines, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency minimum tread depth requirements are 1.6mm, anything below this will be deemed a fallible item. During a service we will check all your tyres and report back to you regarding their condition and tyre tread depth.

If you know your tyre size, why not give us a call and get a free quotation now!

Feeling low?

If your vehicle has illuminated a tyre pressure warning light, your tyres could have a puncture, in which case, we will endevour to give you the cheapest option on repair, a puncture repair at Autotec is only £19.00

Keep on the straight road

Have your tyres worn out on the edges?

Is your steering wheel off centre when you're driving straight?

Is your vehicle not driving straight despite the steering wheel being straight?

Then the vehicle could require wheel alignment using our laser technology. We charge only £24.99 for front wheel alignment