Autotec Suspension

Bumpy ride? 

If you feel like a Jurassic Park movie, every time the vehicle is driven over a bump, then chances are the suspension or steering is wearing. Noises every time a vehicle is driven over a small bump or turning could mean that the suspension arms could be worn, suspension coil springs may be broken, or worst still the shock absorbers could lack any damping effect. The suspension system of a vehicle is designed to provide comfort and a smooth ride for all within the vehicle, by utilizing a series of components, the speed at which tyres and brakes wear can be reduced. 


Our technicians can accompany you on a test drive to distinguish the noise which may be emanating from the vehicle, in addition to this we can carry out a visual and stress test on the vehicle to pin point suspension wear issues. Whether the vehicle has air adjustable suspension or lowered springs, we can cater for most vehicles within the same day.