THE TEST: Who, what, why, where, when, how?

The MOT test is carried out to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy by meeting safety and environmental standards, it is different from an annual service, which checks the vehicle's mechanical condition. A mot test is required after a vehicle is 3 years old and then annually thereafter, and is the drivers responsibility to make sure the vehicle has a valid MOT certificate. At Autotec, our friendly nominated testers are here to carry out Class IV MOT tests for all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles on site. With multiple years of experience and knowledge in testing regulations, we provide an unbiased MOT test according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency guidelines. Tests are carried out on site and can take around 60 minutes to complete.


Pass: After the MOT test has been completed, we will contact you to give you the result, if your car has passed you can pay the test fee and collect your vehicle.


My car has failed: Do not fret, this isn't the end of the world, we are here to help! We will contact you with the results, talk you through the reasons for failure, remove the technical jargon and make it all clear for you. Once the vehicle has been repaired and the MOT failure items addressed the vehicle will require a MOT retest, which at Autotec is FREE!!!


We will contact you with a quotation for the repairs required to pass the MOT test, we do not carry out any repairs without your consent. Upon your authorisation, we will carry out the repairs and contact you once the vehicle has been retested.

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