Autotec Exhausts

Driving a Fiesta but sounding like a Ferrari? 

We have all been in this scenario, driving along happily when all of a sudden the vehicle has started sounding sportier and louder, chances are that the exhaust system may be leaking. This is usually as a result of the chemical reaction that takes place between the exhaust metal and exhaust gases, this in time causes the exhaust to corrode and eventually leak. Consequently the  leak can cause the exhaust to sound louder. Smaller leaks cannot be noticed by changes in sound and can perhaps cause the fuel economy to change, hence an exhaust inspection is advised. 


Catalytic converter 

The exhaust system is made up of numerous parts, the catalytic converter has a major role within the system, this being to convert the harmful gases released from combustion into cleaner gases that can be released into the atmosphere. Combustion usually produces, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons, these are measured using an emissions analyser to confirm the final exhaust gases are in line with legal requirements. A failed emissions test can mean the catalytic converter, lambda sensors or engine is not working efficiently, resulting in reduced fuel economy and long term damage to the exhaust system. 


FREE exhaust inspection 

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