Autotec Clutches

Clucking for a clutch? 

 The transmission of a vehicle is operated through a clutch mechanism, This is primarily made up of three parts; clutch plate, pressure plate and thrust bearing. Essentially over time either of these three components are open to wear and tear, they can be due replacement owing to a number of factors. 


  • General wear: Clutch plate undergoes wear through operation of different gears 
  • Thrust bearing: Depressing the clutch pedal causing the bearing to emanate a noise or squeal 
  • Slipping gears: Vehicle is engaged into a gear but does not move 
  • Bite point: Clutch pedal bite point is substantially high once pedal is raised 
  • Clutch Judder: Vehicle experiences a shaking motion from stationary to moving. 

Flying Flywheel   

The purpose of a flywheel is to assist with gear changes making driving more pleasurable and efficient, this is by removing juddering and shaking motions. Just like a clutch, the flywheel can also wear through operation, in addition to the previously mentioned factors, the vehicle may experience a 'chattering'  noise while stationary in neutral, this usually is an indication that the flywheel may require replacement. 

Worried about Warranty   

Our technicians are more than happy to help you in diagnosing clutch problems, we carry an extensive range of clutch tools for most vehicles and our master technicians have years of experience in replacing clutches with speed, precision and accuracy. Rest assured that we use original equipment specification clutches that fit first time and come with our standard 12,000 miles and 12 months warranty. 

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