Autotec Cambelts

The cambelt also known as a timing belt is an integral part of the vehicle's function, made of synthetic rubber it drives the camshaft and the crankshaft, ensuring the valves open correctly at the necessary speed and order. within some vehicles, the water pump is operated from the same belt, hence it may be cost effective to replace it simultaneously.


All manufacturers will have a recommended time and mileage at which the cambelt must be replaced, this should be adhered to as prolonging its replacement can cause the belt to fail, in effect causing major and costly damage to the engine. At Autotec we use the manufacturers data to advise customers of belt replacement, should you have any queries you can contact us to discuss replacement times and get an instant quotation.

Our technicians are fully qualified with years of experience and expertise, we provide quality Original Manufacturer Equipment products and replace them using the best tools. Rest assured that our work comes with our standard parts and labour warranty.