Autotec Brakes

Autotec use only the best quality Original Equipment Manufacturer specification components for your vehicle. So you can rest assured that when it comes to brakes, we are your one stop shop for a quick repair.


Brakes feel spongy, pulsating brake pedal? Its better to get it checked than to break down, we are here to help and should you think that the brakes on your vehicle need attention, give us a call and book in for a brake check.

Its important to be safe on the road and for other road users, hence we carry out a full brake check during a full service. This involves using a digital measuring gauge to measure the thickness of your brake pads, discs and drums. Then we visually inspect your brake hydraulic fluid system for leaks, corrosion and wear. A brake fluid boiling point test is carried out to make sure the hydraulic fluid is within manufacturer specification.

When it comes to brakes, our motto is...

If you're worried... Get it checked