Autotec Air Conditioning


Did you know that air conditioning is used all year round, most vehicles these days are fitted with climate control or standard air conditioning, this system is prone to wear and tear and requires servicing. We can recharge most vehicles, making sure the vehicle is operating efficiently and our aircon service is simple


Free AirCon check


AirCon Recharge: £44.99

If its not cooling enough it probably needs recharging, you will be provided with a aircon report detailing the recharge process, this includes leak test, vacuum test, gas recharge and UV dye.


Leak test: £19.99

If your vehicle has no gas within the system, we can carry out a nitrogen pressure test, to check any leaks on the system.


Fault finding and repair

Should your system not function or have a leak in the system, we can diagnose faults and provide you with a full quotation of required repairs.